Demistifying Italian bar #caffè:
1. (in the middle) espresso (but when you order, all you have to ask for is “un caffè, per favore!”). If you want it concentrated say ristretto, or a little less concentrated say lungo. A doppio is two shots.
2. (Bottom left) Macchiato: espresso with a dash of foamed milk. You can ask for macchiato freddo (cold milk) or macchiato caldo (hot milk)
3. Americano: espresso with added hot water
4. Caffelatte (meaning milk coffee): espresso and steamed milk. A dash of steamed milk foam on top
5. Cappuccino: espresso, steamed milk, steamed milk foam. It has less steamed milk than caffelatte and way more foam on top
6. Marocchino (aka espressino): shot of espresso, milk froth, cocoa powder. It’s called a mocaccino (mochaccino, caffè mocha) if chocolate is added.
This is part of #ztastylifehowto series.